Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Recruiter Spotlight: Meet Esme!

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2 min readSep 23, 2021


Esme is an Administrative Assistant at PPPSW and has been a member of the Planned Parenthood family since January 2020.

Please describe what you do with PPPSW:

As a member of the Talent Strategy team I provide support to ensure the recruitment process is seamless for all candidates.

What advice would you give a new employee for being successful at PPPSW?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are so many moving parts but many more tools and resources to help you grow and really shine in any role.

What advice would you give job seekers looking to start a career with PPPSW?

Check for position updates constantly! We are actively posting new position updates on many networks and social media.

What’s the one word you would choose to describe PPPSW, and why?

Passionate! From community outreach, to our clinic staff, Planned Parenthood’s dedication to staying true to the mission and goal never ceases to amaze me.

What is your greatest accomplishment at PPPSW?

Starting as a Patient Access Specialist for our Mission Bay Health Center I got the privilege to work face to face with new patients, making sure they had all the information they needed, the financial assistance they qualified for, and the care they deserved. Many new patients would come in feeling nervous and didn’t know what to expect and would end up leaving so happy! Knowing that I was a part of that, was truly amazing.

What makes you proud to work at PPPSW?

What attracted me to PPH and what has kept me here is the dedication the organization has made to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in all aspects.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

I LOVE going to the gym! I constantly push myself to increase weight and volume when I think I can’t life any heavier. It has made me fall in love with myself and really care for my body and treat my body with patience, respect, and kindness.



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