On Our Minds This Month At Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest: Thankful for Our Team and Our Mission

Transgender Awareness Week

November 12–19 is Transgender Awareness Week — a time for both celebration and action. During this week, we celebrate the accomplishments and contributions from the Transgender and gender non-conforming community, as we look forward to all the work left to do for true equity. Transgender Awareness week occurs annually on the week leading up to Transgender Remembrance Day, a day to mourn the loss of transgender life. Transgender people are far more likely to be the victims of violent crimes, bullying, and suicide.

Thanks, Birth Control!

In November we celebrate Thanks, Birth Control Day. Birth control has empowered millions of people across the country to take control of their own lives.

Job Action Day

On Job Action Day each year people are encouraged to take meaningful steps towards finding a job that they love. This year, Job Action Day was a little overshadowed by the US Election, however, it’s not too late!

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